About Us

Stephanie is the Founder and CFO of Animals Rule Placement Foundation – AKA – Animals Rule Rescue. It was her vision of “no more homeless pets” and “don’t buy, don’t breed adopt!” that spearheaded her idea to form a non profit 501(C)3 Animals Rescue and make a difference in her community.

In March of 2004 Stephanie’s vision became a reality as Animals Rule Rescue obtained their official non profit 501(C)3 status. Later the following year the kennel license was approved by the city of Los Angeles enabling Animals Rule Rescue the luxury of a rescue facility located on the premises of Creative Pet Supply. Her rescue dogs now had a temporary place to call home while they waited for forever homes through the adoption program.

Stephanie’s vision for aiding the Los Angeles City Harbor Animal Shelter’s influx of dogs caught the attention of the community, who shared in her vision, and a small group of dedicated volunteers began to form. Animals Rule Rescue is a unique rescue group, able to cater to potential adopters by providing an actual facility where they can visit the housed animals. Stephanie and her volunteers can provide an abundance of information regarding each dogs personality, health history, background and training history prior to adoption.

Stephanie is a very experienced dog concierge making sure that every dog adopted is perfectly matched with the correct adoptive family. Animals Rule rescue has had a wonderful relationship with Dr. Caylor and Dr. Evans at All Pets Veterinary Hospital in Rancho Palos Verdes since 2003. All of the rescue animals receive their medical care there.

Years of experience in animal behavior and understanding is a priceless trait that Animals Rule Rescue possesses. Stephanie loves all the dogs who pass through the rescue in search for their forever homes. She has met some amazing families along the way who still keep in touch about the progress of their dogs.

Animals Rule Rescue has prevented over 2,600 animals from entering the Harbor Animal Shelter in San Pedro, CA.

Stephanie has over 24 years of experience in the pet industry and specializes in dog food, cat food and pet supplies. She is educated in the nutrition and specific care of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, turtles, skinks, rats and fish. She overseas the daily operations of Creative Pet Supply including orders, shipping, management, HR, payroll and customer service.