Year End Review

2022 Year End Review

2022, the year everyone returned the dog they adopted during COVID to the shelter!  Our rescue had no returns thanks to our screening process, but we did take in a record number of owner surrendered dogs to help prevent them from reentering the already overloaded shelter system.  Once again, 2022 brought about an all new way to rescue and adopt animals. We were continuously adapting and changing our procedures and protocols to coincide with the Los Angeles city and county’s pandemic guidelines.  Everyone who rushed out to adopt a dog or cat in 2020 and 2021 overcrowded our city shelter system when they were returned as people went back to work.  Our rescue intake and adoption numbers this year are still a little lower and slower then pre-covid times, but improving.  We feel that under the circumstances we did an outstanding job!

We rescued a total of 111 animals in 2022 and we lost 4 of those due to medical conditions.  The breakdown of the 107 dogs adopted in 2022 is as follows; we saved a total of 15 dogs on their last day at our city and county shelters.  We took in 59 owner surrendered dogs thus preventing them from entering the shelter system. These dogs were surrendered to us for various reasons such as; housing relocations, layoffs, unemployment, returning to work and straight up financial difficulties related to the pandemic.  Some of these families lost their homes and could not afford the most basic vet care for their dogs.  We took in 29 strayswhose owners we were unable to locate, 2 dogs from Panama and 2 dogs from owners that passed away. In addition to all of this, Animals Rule was able to assist 14 low income/homeless families with pet food and vet assistance throughout the year. Of the 107 animals we adopted, 91 were dogs, 9 were cats and 7 were guinea pigs.

We accomplished all of this while struggling to recover from the pandemic ourselves, holding down jobs of our own, marriages and mortgages.  It was another crazy and difficult year. We are dedicated to the well being of our rescue dogs and we love each and every one of them who pass through our rescue on their way to forever homes.  Please help us give back and help make a difference in the lives of homeless pets.  Don’t buy, don’t breed, Adopt!

From the Animals Rule volunteers we thank you and look forward to changing lives in 2023.