Food for thought

The best reply for why I foster? “I let my heart break a little so theirs will never break again.”


When you foster you save 2 lives. The one you foster and the one that takes its place.


Sometimes the difference between life and death is a foster home.


Fostering will change your life

Do you have a big heart and a happy home? Please consider fostering for our rescue. Animals Rule saves a variety of dogs from a variety of situations. Most of our dogs come from local shelters and the rest are strays or owner surrenders.

What does fostering entail?

  • You are willing to open your home to an animal in need and shower them with TLC. 
  • You are 100% committed. Some dogs can get adopted in a few weeks, others can take up to a couple of months. There is no guarantee on how long it will take a dog to be adopted, but until then it needs a home.
  • Animals Rule holds an adoption event most Saturdays from 11am – 2pm. We will need you to bring your foster to these events.
  • We don’t always get perfect animals. Some are sick. Some have anxiety, or can’t walk on a leash and some are not potty trained. We will help and support you in any way we can but we need you to keep it together and not quit!
  • You will need to watch your foster and get to know his or her personality. We will need updates in order to learn more about the dog in your foster home.
  • We would appreciate you taking pictures and videos of your foster! A lot of our adoption inquiries are from our social media accounts. Social media is how we “market” our foster animals. We love getting tagged in photos and stories. The more photos/videos we post of your foster, the better chance it has to be adopted.