Noble ~ Frenchie ~ Male ~ 22 lbs ~ DOB: 8/5/2022

Name: Noble
Age: 10 months, DOB 8/5/2022
Sex: Male, neutered
Breed: French Bull Dog
Kids: 7 and older
Housing: town home, house with outside area preferred
Other dogs: Fine with other small dogs, male & female
What we know: Such a nice little puppy, his ears go up when he looks at you, otherwise they are down. This breed is incredibly sensitive to anesthesia, exercise, and temperature extremes. Do your research, learn about the breed here. Brachycephalic dog breed , they can be expensive to own. Housebroken: unsure, breeder said he is housebroken Personality: darling, sweet, happy-go-lucky, lots of energy, lovable, a little character. We will be selective

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Noble is in foster care and can be seen by appointment only, with an approved application. If you are interested, just click the application link below to apply.