Charlie – Shih Tzu ~ Male ~ 14 lbs ~ 5 yrs

** Charlie has a renal condition ** Renal Dysplasia

Name: Charlie
Age: 4-6 yrs old
Sex: Male, neutered
Breed: Shih Tzu , 14 lbs
Medical condition: His blood work is good, but his kidney function is slightly elevated, SDMA is 15. Normal is 10-14 Ultrasound showed mild renal dysplasia, click the following link to learn about Renal Dysplasia No medication needed, just be aware of his condition.
Kids: 9 and older
Housing: Town home or House – He wants a yard/an outside area
Other dogs: Fine with other small dogs, male & female
What we know: Nice little dog, very sweet and loving. Playful, will engage in play once settled in. He loves a good walk. He loves to play with plush toys. Housebroken. Very happy-g-lucky in his personality. Does not like to be crated or contained behind baby gates, likes to free roam. Sleeps on the couch at night.

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Charlie is in foster care and can be seen by appointment only with an approved application. If you are interested, just click the application link below to apply.